ToobSeal - ToobSeal Inflatable Boat interior Sealant

Bixler’s ToobSeal ® Interior Sealer, quart, stops slow seam leaks and porosity in both Hypalon and PVC inflatable boats and SUP’s using an extraordinary acrylic based formula.

Quantity: 1

Our Interior Sealer is for use with both Hypalon and PVC inflatable boats, whitewater rafts, SUP’s and is perfect for the old leaky Zodiac, Avon, AB or Achilles inflatables.


  • Unlike other brands that are Latex, ToobSeal is the only sealant made of acrylic which dries clear and smooth and doesn’t yellow or crack. See photo above.
  • Bixler’s exclusive self leveling formula will seal your slow leaks more effectively.
  • Our special formula encapsulates when dry so there is no chance of your inflatable boat fabric self adhering when deflated making re-inflation hopeless.
  • Also, if you should spill some ToobSeal on your inflatable or garage floor, it won’t cause an impossible-to-remove yellow stain.
  • The above picture shows ToobSeal  drying clear and smooth on top versus a Latex sealant that dries cracked, bubbled and yellowed.
  • The safe and easy-to-use sealer adheres to the interior fabric of the tube, sealing slow leaks and prevents potential future leaks from arising.
  • Hard to find leaks are treated and cured from the inside.  That’s why the US Marine Corps trusts and uses ToobSeal.
  • Toobseal Also works on slow leaks on airfloor boats and high pressure SUP’s.
  • 1 quart bottle will seal a 12′ boat or raft.
  • For large boats that can’t be tumbled and shifted, simply follow below instructions and take the boat out on a wave pounding ride.  This will disperse the Toobseal which has the consistency of water.


Instructions for boats under 12 feet:
1. Deflate the boat.
2. Inject 1 quart (32oz) Interior Sealer equally into all the air chambers. Remove Valves if possible.  If not use a funnel with a small tip.  
3. Inflate the boat.
4. Shift the boat side to side and bow to stern at a 45 degree angle until the sealer has circulated and coated all inner surfaces of the boat. Sealer has the consistency of water so it is easy to apply.
5. Let dry for three hours. Boat is sealed! ToobSeal has an indefinite shelf life and can be stored anywhere.
For Boats over 12 feet:
1. Follow above instructions using roughly 3 oz of Interior Sealer per foot as a quantity guideline.
2.  If the boat is too large or heavy to “tumble”, then take the boat out and do some wave pounding.
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