Rollercam - Rollercam Expedition Loop End Strap

Loop ends are perfect for a variety of uses.

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Introducing Rollercam®

The traditional Cam Buckle and Strap has been a staple in gear bags for years.  They are easy to use and provide a simple means for positive securement.   Rollercam® Technology has finally solved the problem associated with standard cam buckles  not being able to tightened the webbing efficiently and securely.

Current cam buckle design consists of a body and a thumb release biased by mechanical springs.   The Rollercam® Technology has integrated a roller mechanism, a complex thumb release geometry and multiple springs to allow for a smooth operating cam strap which may be tightened 5-10 times greater than the standard cam buckle.  Once you use a Rollercam®, you will never purchase another cam buckle or cinch strap trap ever again.


The Loop End

Loop End Cam Straps are ideal for positive securement when fastening to oar frames, roof racks or interior tie down points.  A Loop is sewn on each end of the strap.  The end with the Rollercam® Buckle is 10″ long and the other end is sewn in lengths of 4′,6′ and 9′.   By looping the strap through itself there is no possibility of the strap coming undone when the load shifts.  With standard Hook End, if the load shifts, and the strap gets loose, the load will fall off.  Loop End solves this problem.  The Loop End Cam Strap with the Rollercam® Technology is a must for all expeditions.


How it Works

Rollercam® Cam Buckles utilizes new and innovative patented technology for increased performance when using a cam buckle for gear securement.  The premise behind the technology lies within the integrated roller and thumb release of the cam body.

When you are securing a cam strap, a maximum force is applied to the cam strap by pulling with your hand and body.  When this force is applied in a standard cam, a frictional force is generated between the body and the webbing, reducing the overall ability to securely tighten a standard cam.  The pateneted Rollercam® Technology substantially reduces the friction force and allows the webbing to be tightened with ease and a higher force.



By decreasing Frictional Force (Ffriction) through the use of the Rollercam®, the maximum Holding Force (FHold) may be drastically increased.  The Rollercam® technology decreases this frictional force resulting in an increased maximum holding force and ease of operation.   The shape of the body of the other cams has a drastic effect on the maximum holding force.



The next time you are in the wild, try the Rollercam Cam Strap to secure your webbing.  Once you begin using the Rollercam Technology, you will never use another cam strap again!


Additional Features

  • Webbing
    A proprietary manufacturing method involving the individual strands of Polypropylene was developed, yielding a finished product with high strength, tactile feel, UV inhibitors and superior performance.
  • Woven in Length
    Our Expedition and Classic Models have the length woven into the webbing, allowing for easy identification.  Unlike printed webbing, the woven in length will last a lifetime.
  • Thread
    We selected a heavy duty T-135 Polyester thread for all webbing assemblies.  This yields a longer life and a more durable strap.
  • Bar tack
    The Bar Tack is one of the most recognized and commonly used sewing methods for the climbing industry.  The 3-Bar Tack pattern yields increased strength over standard Bar X and X patterns.

US Patent 6877189B2

Always Check for Wear

Working Load – 350 LBS


Weight: .3 Ibs
Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 2 in
Size: 4', 6', 9'
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