Down River Equipment - Down River Oar Tower 12in

Down River Oar Tower 12in

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The Down River Oar Tower 12in is made for taller folks or situations where you might need some extra height. The Down River Oar Tower 12in is cast out of Aluminum and has a 12 degree angle in the head. We weld the casting to 12 inches of 1.5 pipe (XD). The Down River Oar tower fits most 5/8in oar locks or pins. We use a reducing Oar Tower Base to allow it to fit onto frames made out of 1.25in pipe (LD). The oar base and lock are not included.



  • Overall tower height 15in
  • 1.5 (XD) pipe 12in
  • Casting 3in
  • Oar Lock not included
  • Oar Base not included
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