Down River Equipment - Down River Oar Tower Base for 1.25 in Pipe

Down River Oar Tower Base for 1.25 in Pipe

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The Down River Oar Tower Bases are slip on fittings for 1.25" pipe (measures 1 5/8" O.D.).  The Oar Tower Base is held in place by set screws which tighten down firmly to the frame pipe and oar tower. The Down River Oar Tower has a 12 degree angle cast in the head to allow the shaft a perpendicular position in the oar lock without having to tilt the tower itself. This oar tower base fits the Down River Gunnison Frames, Down River LD Frames, and NRS Frames.

Our tower bases allow for Down River's Oar Tower to fit in the vertical plane. The horizontal plane allows for two sizes of aluminum pipe, 1.5" pipe (measures 1 7/8" O.D.) as well as 1.25" pipe (1 5/8" O.D.). The size of pipe used is not only referenced by it's inside diameter among industry professionals, but that same size designation is used when referencing the appropriate size structural fittings. Example; If you're pipe measures 1 7/8", then it will commonly be refered to as 1.5" pipe



  • Frame Size 1.25 in
  • Tower Size 1.5 in 
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