Fireside Outdoors - Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Pit

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The Pop-Up Fire Pit is the first truly portable full-sized fire pit. Weighing in at just under 8lbs. the Pop-Up Fire Pit packs smaller than a camp chair so you can take it with you anywhere. Set-Up is quick and easy taking only about 60 seconds and needing no tools, nuts or bolts. 

Using our patented Fire Mesh technology fires burn hotter, brighter, and with less smoke due to the increased airflow into the pit. Once your fire is extinguished, the entire pit cools down in 90 seconds so it can quickly be packed away back into the RV, Jeep, or garage.


The Pop-Up Pit's modular design allows you to come back any time to upgrade your fire pit to meet your ever-changing needs.

  • Innovative design cuts the bulk and weight of traditional fire pits and the result is a minimal, packable full-sized fire pit
  • Ideal for RV’s, cabin, tent camping, or tailgating
  • Aerospace-inspired design uses entirely rust-proof materials to ensure you get years of use out of your pit
  • Our Patented design also allows the Pop-Up Pit to cool in just under 90 seconds so you can pack up and get back on the move
  • Engineered to allow for maximum airflow meaning your fires burn brighter with up to 80% less smoke
  • Packable frame and sides folds into a carrying case that’s smaller than a camping chair
  • Designed to meet the USFS and BLM regulations for a fire pan.



WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lithium carbonate, Chromium (hexavalent compounds) and Nickel known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more infor­mation go to

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