Down River Equipment - Down River Stash Pocket

Down River Stash Pocket

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With the Down River Stash Pocket your "must-haves" on the river are just a Zip away.  Sunscreen, water, spare sunglasses, snacks, WHATEVER YOU NEED! All neatly concealed in a tight, breathable and easy to access bag. Three hook and loop straps attach easily to any frame. No more fumbling around to the bottom of you dry bag to find that one lost item. Keep it handy. Keep it neat. The Down River Stash Pocket. 

Down River always strives to Go Green. We maximize material use by integrating all of our meshes and webbing into the production of our smaller sewn goods. As a result, the Down River Stash Pocket comes in a variety of colors. Give us a call or add a note at checkout if you would like to inquire about in-stock colors.



  • Length 12in 
  • Width 20in 
  • Depth 5in (only at the bottom)
  • Opening Size: 18.5" zipper
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