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Cataract SGG Counter Balanced Shaft with Rope Wrap

Cataract SGG Counter Balanced Shaft with Rope Wrap

Cataract SGG Counter Balanced Shaft with Rope Wrap

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The SGG™ oar is our most popular oar among river guides. True performance with all the flex of wood oars without the weight.
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Cataract® Oars have a flex like wood oars at a fraction of the weight. The results are the best drift boat oars and the best rafting oars hands down. Don’t let the lighter composite material steer you wrong, these are serious whitewater oars with unrivaled power transfer and near indestructible construction. Our SGG™ model is our most popular oar. They boast twice the breaking strength of aluminum with significantly less maintenance than wood oars. Our engineers designed the SGG­™ to deliver the best in whitewater rafting performance and give the best oar experience to the unrelenting river goer. This oar shaft is compatible with the Cataract™, Magnum™, Cutthroat™ and Streamlite™ blades.

  • The SGG™ is a filament wound oar shaft made of strong fiberglass/carbon fiber.
  • An innovative thumb notch on the end of the rubber-cushioned handles gives you superior orientation of your blade while keeping your eyes on what lies ahead.
  • With 2x the breaking strength of aluminum at 60% of the weight, SGG™ oars are ready to take on any challenge.
  • The shafts flex and rebound like wood oars without the need of constant refinishing.
  • Optional counterbalance handles add 4lbs at the top of the shaft reducing swing weight for less fatigue. See handles for more details and choices.
  • The SGG™ has a tough, urethane finish protecting the shaft from scratches, dings, and UV rays, increasing the life of the oar.
  • SGG™ oar shafts are compatible with Cataract™, Cutthroat™, Magnum II™, and Streamlite™ blades. These blades float.
  • The handle area has a four pound weight added. This counters the weight of the oar out past the oarlock. In a day's rowing, you lift that oar out of the water hundreds of times. This takes a lot of the work out of your outing!
  • These shafts have an innovative feature. The end of the handle is notched. Placing your thumb in the notch lets you know the orientation of the blade without taking your eyes off the path ahead.
  • Shaft comes with rope wrap and rubber stopper, for quiet rowing.

Shaft overall lengths include the approximately 27″ long blade (sold separately). For a list of ACTUAL shaft lengths, please see the Specs section.

Rubber Stopper NOT INCLUDED



The SGG™ oar features an indexed grip that provides greater blade orientation while on the river, and a counter balance option to aid against rower fatigue. For quieter and smoother rowing, you can add a rope wrap to each shaft. Wrapping your oars provide added protection and a better fit in the oar locks, which prevents extra movement and banging in the oar locks. In addition, with several different colors and lengths to choose from the SGGs are certainly the best drift boat oars or rafting oars to fit your needs and style.

Cataract® Oars makes the SGG™ in six standard lengths  (the following lengths represent the complete oar with handle and blade): 8′, 8.5′, 9′, 9.5′, 10′ and 11′. Custom oar lengths, are available upon request.



It’s always a good idea to keep a spare oar handy, but an extra oar can take up a lot of space. The two-piece version of our SGG™ shaft breaks down for easy storage on your drift boat or raft. On the water, snap the two halves together and you’ve got a full-length oar ready to row.


*Not All Pictures have Rope Wrap & Stop 

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