Canyon Cooler - Canyon Cooler Shock Dry Large 3 Pack

Canyon Cooler Shock Dry Pack 3 Pack - Large (10" x 14"x1.5")

Quantity: 1

Cooler Shock is a food-safe, non-hazardous ice alternative that gets your food and drinks colder faster. It's an excellent choice for shorter trips, or in combination with ice to maximize cold. The chemical composition of Cooler Shock is designed to phase change (go from solid to liquid) at 18 degrees as opposed to 31-32 degrees for ice.

Cooler Shock packets come in two sizes (Large and Medium), and are easy to use. Just add water using the included funnel and screw the cap on. Throw them in your freezer, and get ready for slushy soft drinks and ice-cold beer.

The large kit includes 3 10" x 14" packets. When filled with 7 cups of water it becomes a 4lb pack and replaces 18lbs of ice.

The medium kit includes 4 10" x 10" packets. When filled with 3.5 cups of water they each become a 2lb pack. The medium kit will replace 9lbs of ice.

  • Cools food and drinks faster than ice
  • Eliminates messy cooler water
  • Weighs less than an equivalent amount ice.
  • Phase changes at a much lower temperature than ice.
  • Last 24-48 hrs
  • Non-hazardous, food safe.
  • Fully reusable
  • Made in the USA
  • Manufacturer's 1 Year Warranty
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