Down River Equipment - Down River Oar Clip

Down River Oar Clip

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The Down River Oar Clip is used to attache your oar to a Thole Pin assembly. Down River Oar clips come in either standard or outfitter sizes depending on you oars, and either a PVC or Stainless Steel sleeve. Most oars use the standard diameter Oar Clip. The down River Oar clip is Zinc plated Steel and includes 2 hose clamps. 



  • Overall length 9in
  • 12 gage steel 
  • 3/8 x 1in bar
  • Standard Outside Diameter under 2.25in
  • Outfitter Outside Diameter above 2.25in
  • Stainless Outside Diameter .75in
  • PVC Outside Diameter 1.05in
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