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Rollercam Expedition Gray/Orange Cam Straps


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The unique patented Rollercam Technology has revolutionized the cam strap industry. Standard cam strap designs have been virtual unchanged for over 100 years. The new Rollercam Technology allows for maximum tightening force of the cam strap. In many cases, forces over 3-5 times that of standard cam straps can be achieved. In addition, the roller helps feed the strap during assembly and disassembly. For those of you who like to run rivers, and have used cam straps in the past, it will be joy to use the new Rollercam Technology. All of our webbing is made from a proprietary High Tenacity Ultra Linear Polypropylene. When you first feel the webbing the smooth tactile nature of the webbing, you quickly realize this webbing is not some a mass produced inexpensive product. With the sewn in Velcro containment feature, storage is easy and fast. In the event you prefer not to have the velcro, simply cut it off. In addition to having the webbing manufactured from a proprietary Ultra High Tenacity Polypropylene, all Rollercam straps have the length of the webbing woven into the strap. This makes for easy retrieval of the appropriate length. These are the greatest cam straps ever designed.