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Carlisle 2-Piece Oar Shaft

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Proven around the world, Carlisle's tough, maintenance-free, quality aluminum oar shafts give you maximum strength and performance.
  • Blades Sold Separately. Shaft lengths are listed here as including the blade. Please see the Specs Tab for ACTUAL shaft lengths.
  • The 1-7/8" outside diameter thick-walled tempered aluminum tubing is sheathed in colorful, abrasion-resistant polyethylene tubing.
  • 8' and longer oars have reinforced inner shafts for extra-duty strength.
  • 2-piece take-apart shafts are great for transporting.
  • Rubber grips cushion the molded plastic handles.
  • Blades are sold separately so that you can choose the width and brand that best suits your needs. The removable blades also permit easy storage and transport.
  • Shaft lengths are listed as the final length, which will include the approximately 27" long blade you choose (sold separately). For a list of ACTUAL shaft lengths, please click on the Specs tab.
Weight (8', ea): 4.85 lbs.
Shaft Standard Blade
(sold separate)
Approximate Overall Length
52" & 22.5" 27" 8'
55" & 25.5" 27" 8.5'
58" & 28.5" 27" 9'
61" & 31.5" 27" 9.5'
64" & 34.5" 27" 10'
Shaft Material: Aluminum encased in polyethylene
Shaft Diameter: 1 7/8"
  • Molded plastic handles are made more comfortable with foam rubber grips
  • 8' and longer shafts have a reinforced inner shaft for maximum strength
  • Take apart oars are great for transporting