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SDG Nesting Camp Tables - Pair


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Designed to maximize counterspace when deployed and minimize volume when stowed on your raft, these all-aluminum tables will put a smile your camp chef's face.  Unique construction allows these lightweight tables to withstand the rigours of an expedition kitchen while nesting together to provide an incredibly strong gear deck on your raft.  Built into every table are lash points and hand holds for emergency backboard use should the need ever arise.


"Male" - 20 5/8" wide X 60 1/4" long

"Female" - 20 7/8" wide X 58 1/2" long


Table height is adjustable - sets up to standing work height. 


  • Rugged, yet light, all-aluminum construction.
  • Comfortable standing height when deployed.
  • Unique nesting design for ease of transport and stowing.
  • Multiple lash points.
  • Handhold cutouts for use as an emergency backboard.