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Partner Steel 4 Burner 16" or 18" Stove w/Break-Apart Hinge


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You'll find many different stove configurations that are useful for specific applications. The 16" stoves are designed to fit inside an ammo box so that it remains dry during rafting trips. The 18" stoves add an extra 2 inches for using 2 nine inch pans side by side. All stoves are made from high grade aluminum, and hand welded by our expert, professional welders. The grills are Stainless Steel and the gas manifolds are Brass. Other than the burners, the entire stove is designed to remain rust-free and very low maintenance, providing years of service even in the most harsh environments. All stoves come with regulator and hoses.

The 16" and 18" wide 4 - burner stoves are the most popular. Match them up with a stove stand, and set up your kitchen anywhere.

There are two hinge designs:

One is called the "Break apart" hinge, which allows the user to separate the two halves of the stove. The break-apart hinges can be installed on any of the stoves seen here.

The other is the Hinge-on-end which hinges on the other axis (narrow) of the stove.

SPECIAL ORDER items may take up to 6-8 weeks to deliver. Please call to get estimate on delivery.