Sawyer Paddle & Oars - Sawyer Canyon Oar Locks

Simply put, the Canyon Oarlock makes rowing easier. This new design allows the oar to feather throughout a greater range of motion and eases rowing while standing. It also reduces friction and interference with the oar stop. This oarlock will benefit rowe

Quantity: 8

Forged from a specially formulated “Mag 70” high strength bronze alloy used in marine grade propellers, clamps, and rudders. Chosen for its high tensile strength and corrosion resistance, resulting in a super heavy-duty oarlock that is extremely durable. These bronze oarlocks are also designed to be adjustable to fit your oar and style of rowing.


  • Wide Horns - spread out the load-bearing area and reduce stress on the oar and lock.
  • Blunt Tip - reducing the chance of a penetrating wound.
  • U-Shaped Opening – extra range of motion allows for feathering of the oar, stand-up rowing, and close-in sculling.
  • Tulip Design – aids returning oar to oarlock.
  • Adjustable – Can be fine-tuned to fit most oar sizes and stop styles.


  • Long shank dimensions: 5“ L x 5/8” Diam.
  • Adjustable 2” horn opening


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