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Skycall Satellite Phone Rental

If you have a trip out in the wilderness, peace of mind is worth its weight in gold! Russ at Skycall Satellite Inc. will take care of your needs. From mega bandwidth to just a GPS tracker, he has it available.

I recently ran Deso and had two 6 six year olds with us. That fact alone justified us bringing a sat phone. We called to let the mamas know that kids were doing fine. I was also in the process of buying a house and had brought my loan officer with me on the trip. It was very convenient for him to call and check on the status of the loan and make sure things were running smoothly! The texting functions were nice as well.

Now, I realize half the point of going on these trips is to get away from modern life. Rent your insurance policy (sat phone), put it somewhere you can easily get to it in the event of an emergency, and forget about the real world for the rest of the trip.

Russ will ship these nationwide, so you are not limited geographically. 

Anyway, check them out at: or on Facebook: