Carlisle Take-Apart Standard Kayak Paddle

Strong, thick-walled shafts match up with powerful blades. The take-apart model breaks down easily for transport. With externally reinforced push-button joints, these paddles also lock securely in either right or left hand control positions. This economic

Quantity: 7
Blade Material: Polyethylene
Blade Size: 20.32 cm W x 50.8 cm L  (8" W x 20" L)
Blade Shape: Symmetrical
Shaft Material: Aluminum encased with polypropylene
Shaft Shape: Straight
Feather: 0 or 90 degree
Breakdown: Yes - 2 pieces
Control: Right or left hand
Small Shaft Stocked: No
Weight: 8'  is 48 oz  (1361 g)
  • Whitewater/Touring - crossover
  • Large blade size
  • Intended use for inflatable and recreational kayaks
  • Great beginner paddle



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